Train Travel Talk ~ April 11, 2016

**** Train Travel Talk is rescheduled for April 11, 2016! ****

book talk SWCWho knew that the first day of Spring would bring a snow storm to Cape Cod??  I am thankful that the Sandwich Women’s Club wanted to reschedule this Train Travel Book Talk as soon as possible!

Hope you can make it!  Ideas for travel and adventure of all kinds but most specifically what it’s like to take a train.  We (my family) have had the most incredible adventures and we cannot wait to set out on our third long distance trip!

In the picture is the time table from Amtrak and the colored pencils and calendar I use to figure out the trip.  To read more about those pencils and the craziness of planning this trip check out some of our original blog posts!  I have plenty of insider secrets to share and especially the unique sights and opportunities that await you in cities across the country.

All Aboard!


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