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Our recent trip to California brought my family to the famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.  My ipad wielding, digital children snapped picture after picture after selfie of every name they recognized on the sidewalk.

Being reared on film, I still possess the old school mentality known as “fear of wasting film” and was subsequently teased by my children for not taking more pictures.

Working on some travel writing this morning, one picture popped up in my automated picture scroll.   I had taken one picture on Hollywood Boulevard of one star, Robin Williams.  I remember telling my children about Mork and my favorite movie, The Bird Cage.   The picture that appeared in my automatic scroll this morning brought me back to that sunny afternoon.

My face wants to smile, but my heart hurts with the loss of someone that I never actually knew.  There are so many other  things I “should” be doing right now, however I feel compelled to write the message I believe my favorite comedian and actor would want this picture to say.

Live your life so that your star stops people in their tracks and makes them smile. 

Robin_Williams_ star

Rest in peace funny, funny, man.

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2 thoughts on “One Picture, One Star, Robin Williams

  • misssrobin

    So beautifully said. What a wonderful memento to have at this dark time. I’ve been surprised by how deeply I’ve felt his loss. I am often saddened when a star I’ve loved passes. But even in other cases of death by suicide, none have hit me like this. This one feels like I’ve lost a friend. And the fact that so many people are feeling exactly the same way is such a statement to his legacy.

    I hope he has peace now.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • LB Living Better Post author

      Thank you. I think because we associate Robin Williams with laughter and humor it is even more difficult to comprehend the depression and suicide. So shocking and sad.