I’ve Always Wanted To Do That!

When I tell people my new book is about train travel, the number one response to follow is “I’ve Always Wanted to Do That!”   So, why aren’t you going? Okay, I know the obvious answers: time and money, we may never have enough of either one.  But really, why aren’t you going?  If I told you it remains one of the best things this family of five has ever done would that convince you?

If I show you what train travel looks like, would that help?


If I told you our first train trip was truly a happy accident, would that help convince you?   I asked myself  way back in 2014, why not take a train?  You see the cost of airline tickets was outrageous, nearly $700 a piece and I needed five seats. There goes the vacation budget I said to myself. There must be a better way to get to California from Boston.

Drive you say?  Well, not in 2014, when the average gas price for the summer was $3.50 – $3.66 per gallon.

Photo credit to AAA Newsroom


Would it help if I told you that you can visit over 500 destinations with a USA Rail Pass?

How about if I showed you some life on the train pics? While these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg you can see in the middle picture one of the best features of Superliner Trains (most trains west of the Mississippi) is the beautiful observation car. You will watch an incredible movie out the windows of the train and develop a new and very relaxing habit “staring out a window”.



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When you hear the words cross-country train travel and your response is “I’ve always wanted to do that!” Then allow me to help you get a few steps closer to the trip you have always wanted to take.  Today through June 5, 2017 I  am offering digital copies of my new book Beyond the Rails, USA Cross-Country Train Travel for free. If you have always wanted to go cross-country by train then please take advantage of our four cross-country trips, 21,000 miles of experience and the twenty plus destinations we chose for our adventures!


I hope this helps, I hope your “I’ve always wanted to do that” changes to we traveled cross-country by train and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. As always please comment or connect with me if you have questions.  If you enjoyed the book I would be grateful for your review on the Amazon website.  Cheers! Lisa

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