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“The first time someone asked me to give a workshop, I declined. I had not thought of myself in that role, this was not something that I did.  Thankfully, I did that wonderful thing we all do, I changed my mind and that workshop was the beginning of a whole new avenue to my career.

I have found public speaking to be incredibly challenging, yet I know that I can never stop.  To realize that something you say, or the way that you say it, resonates with another human being helping them “live better” is a powerfully addictive feeling.

Some of the most important lessons I have learned from delivering workshops are to use my sense of humor, to prepare relentlessly and to be passionate about your subject matter.  I believe that people learn better when you take the subject seriously, however you don’t take yourself too seriously.”
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“I expected to learn something and I did, I didn’t expect to laugh and enjoy myself as much as I did.”

“Very good speaker – know your content well, very informative.”

“Motivating sessions! Thanks for stressing that it doesn’t have to get done in a day, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to work.”

“Your educational expertise shines through and your sense of humor ROCKS!”

“I could have stayed until midnight, you are very warm and make others feel safe to share.”

“I have known Lisa Bates professionally for a number of years and I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing and hearing her speak to and motivate an audience. Lisa has the ability to capture and captivate an audience. If you are in need of a down to earth presentation sprinkled with humor and common sense, Lisa Bates is the person you should have speak to your audience!”

Rich Brothers

Principal Dorbury Consulting, Senior Fellow, Institute for Non Profit Management


Large or small, corporate or family, living better is universal. Lisa Bates delivers and audiences are moved, the only mistake is not to begin…

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the only mistake is not to begin...


After more than a decade of speaking, the most important part of any workshop, large or small, is the connection. Can the audience relate to what you are saying, is there a doable, tangible goal, are they inspired to begin?

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Interruption Management
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Research based, eye opening, look at our time and where it goes. Appropriate and adjustable for any audience.

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Communication, To Post or Not to Post
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The speed and reach of our communications has evolved faster than our society can adjust. Whether the communication is between colleagues, teachers, parents, or the media there are some critical considerations before you push SEND!

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Raising an Organized Child

Lisa's most popular workshop for parents and teachers, she leaves the audience with plenty of takeaways, laughter, and inspiration to be living better!

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Wildly popular and a blast to present. All Aboard!


A happy accident has lead to the adventures of a lifetime. Living better at its fullest, a travel presentation may be just the impetus you, your group or company needs. Learn more on our cross-country train travel website.

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LB Living Better

When your initials, LB, match your personal philosophy, you know you are on the right track. No matter where you live, or what you do, we all, every day aspire to be living better. My workshops have this common theme and provide practical, motivating, advice to help you to be living better, 

the only mistake is not to begin.

We all know that a great keynote speech is an important component in setting the right tone for your conference or meeting. I firmly believe in the motivational and educational aspects of humor and reflection. When an audience laughs, an energy is created that lifts spirits, removes barriers, and opens doors for more.

While the topics are universal, every presentation from title to delivery  is created with your audience in mind.

About Lisa

From school administrator and non-profit executive, to teacher, coach, counselor and mom, Lisa has extensive experience, knowledge and training working with children from toddlers to teenagers. Currently, Lisa owns and operates LB Living Better the home for her lifestyle blog and consulting business. She is a sought after presenter, parenting consultant and writer. Lisa is a seasoned, energizing, humorous, workshop presenter with extensive experience. As a mother of three teenagers including twin boys, Lisa maintains her sanity by writing, traveling and playing with her dogs.


 Master’s Counseling Psychology, Boston College

Certification to Teach Behavioral Sciences

BA Business Administration, Providence College

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Books by
Lisa Bates


“A well written, down-to-earth and user friendly book. Filled with germane stories and disarming humor, Barbies in the Horse Bin will help parents give their kids logistical skills the children can use for the rest of their lives. Very practical!”

Thomas W. Phelan, PhD (Best-Selling Author of 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Series)

“Our first train trip we fondly refer to as a “happy accident”. A frustrating and costly plan to fly from Boston to California in 2014 had us looking for a better option. Enter the USA Rail Pass and the first train trip EVER for our family of five. Our first trip to the west coast and back to Boston was 7,765 miles and we were hooked.” 

 Enjoy, The Bates Family


Presentation reviews

Talk about Travel?

Having read Lisa’s book Between the Rails and discovering that she lives nearby, I was eager to invite her to our library to give a talk about long distance train travel. I was amazed to discover how widespread the interest in long train trips really is! We had a great turnout for the program, and Lisa was extremely engaging. She had a well-organized and inspiring presentation prepared, but left plenty of room to personalize the talk by engaging the audience and addressing their specific interests, fears, and curiosities regarding train travel. Many attendees purchased copies of her book afterward, and they were vocal about expressing their delight with the talk to the library staff. We would definitely recommend Lisa as a presenter at other libraries, senior centers, and community organizations.
Hollin Pagos
Library Director, W. Dennis Free Public Library
It is a pleasure to recommend Lisa to offer a presentation on her wonderful new book, Beyond the Rails. Lisa is a fabulous presenter – very personable and knowledgeable. She offered a fascinating program at the bookshop and people were very interested. We had very good feedback from those who attended and the book continues to sell well. There were lots of questions, too – always a sign of a good event!
Vicky Titcomb