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Do you remember the Amtrak song from the 1980’s?

Amtrak Song! Do you remember the Amtrak song from the eighties?  Hint: It beings with the words, "There's something about...." Did that help you?  If you got it without help, comment "I got this" below.  If you didn't get it no worries, click the link, WARNING, it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day! Thank you to
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This is NOT what you want to hear today!

This is NOT what you want to hear today. I know this because I did the math (okay I counted with my fingers and toes) and I don't want to hear this either, but here it goes. Today is the first day of summer! Woohoo!  There are however only 75 days left until Labor Day!  I know, right? I was shocked too,
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Enjoy our Radio Interview and Last Day for FREE Digital Download!

Enjoy my radio interview today with Dan and Stephanie from WCOD Cape Cod. Too much fun so early in the morning. Video from our four trips and the pictures are just a sample of what is in the book!  Click here for  your FREE digital copy (available through June 5th, 2017).   Today is the last day for free downloads of our new book
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I’ve Always Wanted To Do That!

When I tell people my new book is about train travel, the number one response to follow is "I've Always Wanted to Do That!"   So, why aren't you going? Okay, I know the obvious answers: time and money, we may never have enough of either one.  But really, why aren't you going?  If I told you it remains one of
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June 2, 2017 is National Donut Day!   Free donuts are everywhere! Who can compete with FREE DONUTS? Not us,  so here is a sample of the donuts we found on our train trips! Ordering a donut and a coffee today? Why not download a FREE TRAIN TRAVEL BOOK and enjoy two treats at once!  In New England, perhaps a stop at Dunkin
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First Three Are Free – Get Your Digital Copy in June!

Dear Friends. The first three are free in June!  Beyond the Rails, my new book on cross-country train travel, is free for digital copies the first three days of June! Please enjoy and send me your feedback or questions. If you really enjoyed the book I would love it if you would leave a review!   If you are local or visiting Cape Cod
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Every Day in May 2017

Every Day In May 2017 - How to Play!  Everyone Wins - Really! The rules are simple.  Choose something that you can do Every Day in May that will have you living better.  You can do something new, you can stop doing something old, you can move, eat, read, even think about something Every Day in May!  That's it!  Post your
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Five Important Rules Teenagers Need to Know About Work!

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes your teenager's first venture into the world of work. Whether it is an unpaid internship in a local office, bagging groceries or scooping ice cream, your teenager is now employed!  In most cases, a surprising fact will arise, our teenagers will work harder, better and faster in their new job than they have
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