Our Services

Time is the single most precious gift that we can give or receive. 

Where is your time going?

Our team of organizational, productivity and educational experts can help you find the time you need to finish tasks, spend time with family and friends or even time for yourself.  Learn more about our professional services by clicking here.

Your precious time is at the core of everything we do to be living better.   Contact us today and let us help you find some time.


Professionally Speaking

The first time someone asked me to give a workshop, I declined. I had not thought of myself in that role, this was not something that I did.  Thankfully, I did that wonderful thing we all do, I changed my mind and that workshop was the beginning of a whole new avenue to my career.

I have found public speaking to be incredibly challenging, yet I know now, that I can never stop.  To realize that something you say, or the way that you say it, resonates with another human being thereby helping them “live better” is a powerfully addictive feeling.


Some of the most important lessons I have learned from delivering workshops are to use my sense of humor, relentless preparation and to be passionate about your subject matter.  I believe that people learn better when you take the subject seriously, however you don’t take yourself too seriously.

If you are interested in one of my workshops, feel free to contact me and we can put together a program to meet your needs.  Below is a short snippet from the workshop “Raising an Organized Child”.  You can also hear my radio interviews and snippets from book talks on my You Tube channel at LB Living Better.



Our Virtual Services

Let’s face it conferences and workshops can be expensive and while they are valuable for a whole host of reasons, sometimes you need a workshop or presentation for your school or non-profit that is more affordable.

Bring our team to you, bring a presentation to your group, save time, save money.  Attract customers, parents, business associates, whomever you like to your venue virtually.  Let’s let technology bring us together in a way that benefits everyone!

We would love to talk to you about a presentation for your organization.  With today’s technology we can connect live with your group to make a presentation or my favorite part of any presentation the Q&A.  Not only will your attendees benefit but all of your constituents who tune in from home or a satellite office to participate.   Contact me to discuss your ideas!