Welcome to LB Living Better.  It’s always convenient when your initials are the same as your philosophy of life!   I am LB, Lisa Bates and this is LB Living Better.  Of course the definition of living better is entirely up to you, some days are profound and others well, that’s why we have tomorrows.   Whether you need a workshop for your organization, organizing services for your home/office or you would just like to follow tips and ideas on my blogs, you can be sure it is all about living better! Stop by and enjoy a “Cuppa”!



LB Living Better Writing

Check out our blog page LB Living Better Out Loud!  Or click here to purchase Barbies in the Horse Bin ~ Living Better with Organized Children!



LB Living Better Workshop Sample:

Below is a trailer for one of my workshops.  Thank you to the Newton Public Schools and the Newton Community Partnership for allowing me to videotape their workshop.  Also, a big thank you to my sons, one who is my Marketing/IT Director and videographer and the other plays the background music for the intro, LB Living Better family business!


WOW! – You are still here at the bottom of the front page, I’m impressed and pleased.  Did you like the video?  Have you checked out any other pages?  Do you have a question or a comment ~ let me know!

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I always forget to hand these out so I thought I would post one here!