I help children and families live better by creating systems that work in your home, with your family, and that will benefit your children for a lifetime. Start enjoying your precious time and your precious family today.

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Parenting, education, and organizing advice like you’ve never heard it before! No judgement, just tips, laughter, and encouragement as you raise the best kids on the planet, yours! Join host and author, Lisa Bates, as she interviews experts, children, and parents all while sharing her own “Mother of the Year Moments”. Hear firsthand excerpts as she writes the second edition of her popular book, Barbies in the Horse Bin, ~ living better with organized children. Lisa is a certified counselor, school administrator and CEO who has worked with children from cradle to college for over thirty years!

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Introductory Episode of “My Kids are Better than Yours!

the only mistake is not to begin...


After more than a decade of speaking, the most important part of any workshop, large or small, is the connection. Can the audience relate to what you are saying, is there a doable, tangible goal, are they inspired to begin?


Interruption Management
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Research based, eye opening, look at our time and where it goes. Appropriate and adjustable for any audience.


Communication, To Post or Not to Post
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The speed and reach of our communications has evolved faster than our society can adjust. Whether the communication is between colleagues, teachers, parents, or the media there are some critical considerations before you push SEND!


Raising an Organized Child

Lisa's most popular workshop for parents and teachers, she leaves the audience with plenty of takeaways, laughter, and inspiration to be living better!

Wildly popular and a blast to present. All Aboard!


A happy accident has lead to the adventures of a lifetime. Living better at its fullest, a travel presentation may be just the impetus you, your group or company needs. Learn more on our cross-country train travel website.

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