…And welcome to LB Living Better.  It’s always convenient when your initials are the same as your philosophy of life!   I am LB, Lisa Bates and this is LB Living Better.  It’s a simple thing to ask of yourself everyday ~ Am I Living Better today?  Of course the definition of living better is entirely up to you, some days are profound and others well, that’s why we have tomorrows.   I hope you are living better just from visiting here. 

Whether you need a workshop for your organization, organizing services for your home/ office or you would just like to follow tips and ideas on my blogs (or in my soon to be published book), my objective is always the same….helping you live better! 


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A Mom's Wish for High School~ Friendship

A Mom's Wish for High School~ FriendshipAs my twin boys embark on their high school careers tomorrow, this Mom's wish for them is friendship. I stumbled up on this incredible video of friendship between a Labrador and a Dolphin.   An absolutely unlikely pair, from different worlds, with different talents and [more]

School Organizing, Name It, Date It

School Organizing, Name It, Date ItSimple advice but oh so effective!  One of many school organizing steps I have used for decades to help even the most organizationally challenged students. As soon as your child is able to write their name and understand dates, teach them to name and date all of their [more]

One Picture, One Star, Robin Williams

One Picture, One Star, Robin WilliamsOur recent trip to California brought my family to the famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.  My ipad wielding, digital children snapped picture after picture after selfie of every name they recognized on the sidewalk. Being reared on film, I still possess the old [more]

Busted for Plagiarism in 1974

Busted for Plagiarism in 1974It's true, my life as a writer was derailed in the fall of 1974 by my third grade teacher.  I was caught plagiarizing and the truth is, I was guilty.  Not only that, it was one of those moments that I can recall like it was yesterday and I know it has had a profound impact [more]

Back To School Organizing!

Back To School Organizing! Even though I am no longer in front of the classroom, the beginning of August makes my stomach clench at the thought of summer ending and heading BACK TO SCHOOL. I am definitely one of those teachers who loved teaching as much as I loved my time off.  Nevertheless, I [more]

Passing the Coaching Torch

Passing the Coaching Torch The summer basketball league is off and running and for the first time one of my children is no longer a player, she is now a coach. An ordinary request to volunteer, some emails, roster lists and shirt deliveries did not in any way alert me to the proud moment that [more]


LB Living Better Workshop Sample:


Below is a trailer for one of my workshops.  Thank you to the Newton Public Schools and the Newton Community Partnership for allowing me to videotape their workshop.  Also, a big thank you to my sons, one who is my Marketing/IT Director and videographer and the other plays the background music for the intro, LB Living Better, a family business!