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Train Travel Talk ~ April 11, 2016

**** Train Travel Talk is rescheduled for April 11, 2016! **** Who knew that the first day of Spring would bring a snow storm to Cape Cod??  I am thankful that the Sandwich Women's Club wanted to reschedule this Train Travel Book Talk as soon as possible! Hope you can make it!  Ideas for travel and adventure of all kinds but most

March 21st Inaugural Book Talk in Sandwich!

March 21st is the Inaugural book talk for my new, yet to be published book, Beyond the Rails~ USA Cross Country Train Travel. Free and open to the public, please join us at the beautiful Daniel Webster Inn for fun and conversation.  Leave inspired to plan a trip of a lifetime! Bring your questions!

“You do you, Mom”

"You do you, Mom."  I've grown to love this snarky little comment my teenager drops every time I'm doing, saying or being something that is either inherently embarrassing, ridiculous or just a giant waste of time in my child's mind. She says it with a smirk that suggests she knows me well enough to know that I am most likely going to

An Irish “Cuppa” Tea… Just Try and Say No

Having a "cuppa" is an Irish expression I learned to love during an extended stay a few years ago.  The question, "Will you have a cuppa?", whether it was asked by the waitress in the pub or the next door neighbor carried with it a non-negotiable response.  In other words, if you are invited for a cup of tea, then

Dear Coach, …Sincerely, Every Parent

Dear Coach, Here is my child, a player for your team. This is difficult for me because I am entrusting you with a child I love more than life itself. It seems silly that a volunteer with 8 games and 6 practices can shape my child’s life, but it’s true. So coach, there are a few things I wanted you to

24 Minutes on the Google Timer

You can do anything for 24 minutes. You can even write and publish a blog post (we shall see).  Why 24 minutes you might ask, well I don't have a good reason for choosing this number, it just seemed a reasonable amount of time that I could work productively before needing a break. And the truth is, it's working!  I'm using

Buying the Grinch a Muffin Part II the Sequel

Yes, there is a sequel a more important, funny, Christmas spirited sequel to the Buying the Grinch a Muffin story.  If you haven't read part one than stop reading this, it won't make any sense, in fact, if you are not a believer it may not make any sense at all. Read the original post here: The Last Thing I Did was

The last thing I did was buy the Grinch some muffins…

"Where was the last place you had it?"  says every Mom every time their panicked child can't find something.  The last place I had my wallet was at Stop and Shop and the last thing I did was buy the Grinch some muffins. Unfortunately that was 24 hours ago and it was definitely the last place I had my wallet.  It's