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typewriter_oldfashioned_type It is always a good thing when your initials fall in perfectly with your philosophy of life.  Welcome to LB Living Better. I am LB, Lisa Bates and I have discovered that I do indeed enjoy writing.

I was never one of those kids whose teachers said “you should be a writer, this is excellent”.  It is safe to say that I never heard those words until much, much, later in life.

The first time anyone ever acknowledged anything I have written was after a eulogy I delivered for a former colleague.  People exclaimed that it was “beautiful, just beautiful”.  (Seriously though,  I think they were just being nice, because really, are they going to say “that was ugly, just ugly, poorly written and inaccurate” ~ I think not, funerals require just a bit more decorum.)

If we are talking history though, we cannot ignore the great plagiarism incident of 1974… which I now believe derailed my writing career for years to come, go ahead, click the link, I’ll wait while you read my embarrassing tale.

Fast-forward to present day… What Do I Write About?

Am I Living Better today is a simple thing to ask of yourself ~ and an even simpler topic to write about, usually. Lofty goals, I do not have, but being a better me, a better parent, a better friend, living better has always been a cornerstone in my life.   Of course the definition of living better is entirely up to you, some days are profound and others, well, that’s why we have tomorrows.

Provincetown, Cape Cod

Provincetown, Cape Cod

The majority of my writing is on family and children, and more specifically organizing, education, travel, humor and sports.  Why, because this is what I know and what I can write about with either humor, passion or conviction, it just depends on the day and the topic.  I am the proud parent of  three children, a daughter and twin boys. When all is said and done, I try to live better for my family, because it is the one job, the one topic, that matters the most. (Read about my official credentials here.) Most of my blog posts are found on Living Better Out Loud and are separated by category, however I do have a separate blog for Living Better Travel and Adventure.   Join us for fun adventures, travel ideas, budget friendly, family travel and more! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALiving Better through Youth Sports?  Yes, yes you can!  A sports enthusiast and aging athlete myself, teaching children to “love the game” is a lifelong passion of mine.  Blog posts are on the menu under the category “The Very Best of Youth Sports”.  organize_childorganize_back_cover


Barbies in the Horse Bin ~Living Better with Organized Children

And, there is the book, ready and available on Amazon!  You can read excerpts, receive tips and ideas and  early notification of publication specials. Hopefully the title catches your attention because this is definitely not your average organizing book!   Click here to receive our newsletter.  Click the book to read more and order your copy!



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Lisa Bates has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, Certification to teach Behavioral Sciences and a degree in Business Administration. From school administrator and non-profit executive, to teacher, coach, counselor and mom, Lisa has extensive experience, knowledge and training working with children from toddlers to teenagers. Currently, Lisa owns and operates LB Living Better an organizational and educational services business. Lisa has just released her first book, Barbies in the Horse Bin, Living Better with Organized Children and she is a seasoned, energizing, humorous, workshop presenter with extensive experience. As a mother of three teenagers including twin boys, Lisa maintains her sanity by writing, travelling and playing with her dogs. Read more about Lisa Bates at or contact her at

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