It’s All Fun and Games Until September is Over!

I forgot my homework!   Where is my charger?  I missed the bus! I can’t find my soccer cleats! Mmmooooommm!!!

It’s all fun and games until September is over….

backpack_schoolThe new clothes have all been worn, the notebooks are beginning to tatter and jumping out of bed for school is starting to take a few more minutes every day.  Fear not, you are not alone, this is happening in households across the country, heck around the world! This is what happens after six weeks of school.

Every year, like our New Year’s Resolutions, we start of the school year with aplomb (SAT word) excitement and plenty of goals.  School life is new and exciting, who is in my class?, what is my teacher like? After six weeks however, things are starting to turn ordinary.  That fervor and excitement is now tainted with homework and a teacher who is strict about talking in class.

When life is new and exciting it is easier to get things done because your energy and focus are directed and challenged.The moment the monotony steps in and the thrill of the new starts to where off,  this is when tasks get more challenging.  Child or adult, home or school, the transformations are the same.

Would you like some help? I have two new and exciting ways to help you, your family and friends.

FIRST,  I am a moderator for a brand spanking new FB group that I think you will enjoy! A judgement free zone with all ideas and suggestions welcome as we help our brilliant, lovable, tech saavy, homework avoiding, shoe losing, money needing, house disordering kids (of all ages) learn the value of organization!

Bring all your questions, and your suggestions related to organization, parenting and generally living better to this group. In addition to our member community we have identified several moderators with specialties we can all use. Collectively our moderators have raised nearly 30 kids, three are professional organizers, at least four are teachers ranging from cradle to college, we have a neuro-psychologist, a school psychologist, a physical and occupational therapist, an ADHD Coach,  a school counselor, tutors, speakers, technology specialists,they have authored at least six books, and so much more.  So, when you see a moderator comment you can be pretty sure you are getting some great advice!

So please give us a try, join and share with your family and friends, it takes more than a village, it takes a really good Facebook group!



Would you like to help on a larger scale?

SECOND, Bring me to your group whether in person or on-line.  I have had the privilege of speaking to groups of parents, administrators, teachers and professionals for more than decade and I must say I enjoy it even more today.

TitcombsTo bring a qualified, experienced professional in to address a group can be expensive, especially if your group is small.  Therefore, I have created another option, bring me in live and on-line!  As long as I can see you and hear your questions and you can see me, and my presentation then we are good to go!

Special Offer!

This technology is new to me and therefore I would like to offer a special rate to the first THREE groups that book a workshop!  (The software is excellent – it’s me, it’s definitely not you, it’s me learning the ins and outs of this new delivery.) Have no fear, if things go awry, I will not only have a backup plan but you will also get your money back!

Tell your friends, your PTA, your church group, the local library, playgroup leaders, whomever you think would benefit from a live “Raising an Organized Child” presentation.  More workshop topics available on our website.

To learn more about my presentations visit my “professionally speaking page”.

Books by
Lisa Bates


“A well written, down-to-earth and user friendly book. Filled with germane stories and disarming humor, Barbies in the Horse Bin will help parents give their kids logistical skills the children can use for the rest of their lives. Very practical!”

Thomas W. Phelan, PhD (Best-Selling Author of 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Series)

“Our first train trip we fondly refer to as a “happy accident”. A frustrating and costly plan to fly from Boston to California in 2014 had us looking for a better option. Enter the USA Rail Pass and the first train trip EVER for our family of five. Our first trip to the west coast and back to Boston was 7,765 miles and we were hooked.” 

 Enjoy, The Bates Family


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