Three Months From Today Is Christmas – I have the best gift ever!



Three Months Until Christmas!

I  know, it’s unbelievable but Christmas does show up year after year after year. Three months from today it will be here again but wait I have the best gift ever! How do I know this, well I asked my kids and with the exception of the year we got the Wii Game Console, this has been the best gift ever.

Train Travel for Families

The big gift for my family has always been travel and adventure.  Whether it was a family membership to an amusement park or museum  or the time we surprised them with a trip to Disney, travel and adventure have always fulfilled the “big” Christmas present we all strive to find.  Additionally it gave our family  a future date in time that we were committed to  spend together, a win-win!

Involving our children in the planning of our adventure was equally fun and educational.  Get out your maps and your TripAdvisor lists of things to do!  If you aren’t truly convinced yet, you can also justify your expenditure on a family vacation by reading how important it is to  your children’s planning and organizational skills read more here:


Of all the trips we took large and small, I can safely say they were highlights of our Christmas mornings.  Some brought by Santa with a carefully crafted letter, others given as clues until the present’s destination was revealed.  This Fall I will begin a series of book signings, radio, television and news media interviews regarding our new book Beyond the Rails, USA Cross-Country Train Travel and I realized that our first trip in 2014 began as a Christmas present.  Today, four trips later, I can tell you that for families (including inter-generational travel) a trip across country by train is a bucket list must.  Read more  about planning a trip here:

Train Travel for College Students

Another great group of people to benefit from this type of travel gift is college students. A rail pass is $459  (a copy of the book makes a nice touch) and many students have time off in January between semesters.  Whether they use it over winter break or the summer, it is a fun, safe, way for groups of friends to have a trip of a lifetime. I have  interviewed many college age students and they love this idea, however most students  know nothing about Amtrak’s USA Rail Pass.   A nice holiday gift surprise perhaps?


(Photo of   college students  (2 from New Zealand) stranded by the tram at the  The Getty  in Los Angeles!  

As a parent of soon to be three college students I think I  speak for all of us when I say,

“The best part of this cross-country trip is that NO ONE IS DRIVING! – Got to love a train!”

Just some food for thought on this three months until Christmas beautiful day in September. If you have questions about train travel please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Cheers, LB

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