I Miss Toys R Us

I miss Toys R Us, I really do.  Aisle after aisle of options, catalogs full of exciting ideas, new wish lists generated daily for Santa to consider.  Gone are the good old days when price, technology and brand were not even considered.  I miss the days when the best gift could be found for less than $10 and stocking stuffers were bigger than the stocking itself.


Fast forward to the teenage years and well the options become smaller and increasingly more expensive.  Once “they know” some of the excitement inevitably dwindles. The fun, lengthy, ever-changing list for Santa is replaced by the one must have, usually expensive, item.

They are teenagers, they know what they want and they tend to demand said item.  The shopping fun and surprises are dumped in the snowbanks. Now I find my three teenagers ask for items I did not even know existed, technology that changes monthly and brands and “cool stuff” that I can’t begin to keep up with…

This year, I tried a new tactic and suggested that my tech savvy teen write a blog post to help people (a.k.a. me) find a great new technology gift.  Here is the post on the Best Technology Gifts Under $200!

I know the holidays are not about the giving and getting.  However, no matter how old they are, finding that one great gift for your child on Christmas morning is still in the hearts of parents everywhere. Amid the new socks, warm gloves and the stocking full of toiletries, parents still try to find that gift, the one surprise that lights up even their teenager’s face, just like the good old days of the man with the big white beard.

I really miss Toys R Us…

Comment with your suggestions for teenagers and I hope you enjoy my son’s list (shhh..he may just get something on the list).



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