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“You do you, Mom.”  I’ve grown to love this snarky little comment my teenager drops every time I’m doing, saying or being something that is either inherently embarrassing, ridiculous or just a giant waste of time in my child’s mind. She says it with a smirk that suggests she knows me well enough to know that […]

“You do you, Mom”

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**NEW** Virtual Organizing Services Get the help of a professional organizer at a fraction of the cost.  Save time, save money and start living better, read more… Traditional Organizing Services as well as workshops and organizational tutoring are available too! Getting Organized is not about perfection, it is about living better and we can help.  […]

**NEW** Virtual Organizing Services

 My Writing In A Nutshell It is always a good thing when your initials fall in perfectly with your philosophy of life.  Welcome to LB Living Better. I am LB, Lisa Bates and I have discovered that I do indeed enjoy writing. I was never one of those kids whose teachers said “you should be a […]

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