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Summer Bucket List 2017~It’s hard to believe that I have been making Summer Bucket Lists for more than a decade now.  A simple exercise for children and adults, I have to say I treasure the old lists as much as I do our old family photos.  Each list is a funny, sentimental, diary-like glimpse into our family’s past.  The mini-golf they wanted to play, the friends they hoped to visit, the end of the school year ice cream sundaes are intertwined with books, movies and favorite games.  Flipping through our old lists I noticed the “summer we will NOT paint the house”, apparently the summer before we spent an inordinate amount of time painting!

Now that my children our teenagers we still spend time “planning” our summer vacation.  We have to factor the complications of work schedules, sports commitments, even a college orientation into making a memorable summer. Whether or not you check off all of your summer boxes, the planning is as always half the fun.

For more summer fun ideas, read more about our “tech free summer” as well as the benefits “planning” has in teaching your child organizational skills. Summer can be fun and educational too!

See below to print off your summer bucket list and enjoy! Large quantity printing of this list by schools, groups, and non-profits is allowed.  I only ask that you do not try to alter the list and that you keep the copyright credentials intact at the bottom of the page.  Thanks!  Also, please let me know you are dispersing it, I am always happy to hear how and where it is being used!

Summer 2017 Bucket List page


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