Consulting and Project Management Services

“When I was still in college, my uncle, a very successful and self-made business man, asked me what I planned to do with my degree in Business Administration. With all the idealism a college sophomore can muster I declared that I would like to be a consultant.  It was my uncle’s follow-up question that has stayed with me, “What is it you hope to consult on?”   While I had no answer for my uncle that afternoon, I do know that my instincts for “consulting”, working with people to solve problems, were spot on.  Today, I no longer struggle with the answer to the consulting question. Decades of experience, years of continued education and leadership positions, enable me to analyze, challenge, rethink, restructure, motivate and organize people to solve problems and inevitably have them living and working better.”  – Lisa Bates (LB)


Because every organization, every project, every situation is different, it is difficult to describe my consulting experience however I will say that my skill set lies solidly in the realm of managing people,generating  new ideas, systems, or processes, and organizational effectiveness that will inevitably save time and money.  A degree in Business Administration coupled with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology enable me to not only understand behavior but also to recognize the  emotional intelligence and softer skill set of the people I encounter. Combine my education with a naturally analytical mindset and the questions, ideas and suggestions start flowing.

I am happy to discuss the unique needs of your organization whether it is a short/ long-term project or the need for interim management at any level.  A fresh set of eyes on your current processes, staff relationships, or management positions  may be just what you need to be living better at work.  I am happy to discuss how I might be of assistance in discovering inefficiencies, moving projects to completion and training staff in new roles, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Large or small, business or home, at LB Living Better we truly believe, “the only mistake is not to begin…”

Suggested Consultations For the Office

Project management consultation, planning and delivery.

Temporary or long-term management resources.

Organizational services for individual work spaces, computers, and file storage.

Process and efficiency evaluation from product delivery to management roles and the employees in between.

Training services for a variety of topics including custom-built/delivered programs relevant to your organization.

Marketing evaluation of website, newsletters, advertising and social media.

              Special event management and fundraising.

Content writing for newsletters and other marketing materials.


Recent Projects

Interim Director of Community and Family Engagement Grant:

Reorganization of program and delivery,  introduction of on-line registration and email notification system, delivery of program and special events, rewrite and re-submission of grant modifications, evaluate and adjust budget, Renewal of state grand funds received.

Tower Foundation IT Implementation and Training:

Early Intervention Services of Cape Cod  implemented new surface laptops requiring ongoing training and on-line connectivity submissions and new protocols. Creation of on-line forms .

Early Intervention Receivables:

Reorganized staff responsibilities for improved receivables. Streamlined process and reassigned work based on skill sets and physical locations. Resolved software, billing and reconciling issues to improve receivables over 300% in four months.

Interim CEO for Children’s Museum:

Evaluation of operations, marketing, event planning, memberships, grant delivery, exhibit sponsorship and complete the due diligence analysis for future initiatives.

Miscellaneous Consultation Services and Projects:

Extensive experience in event management and fundraisers from galas to road races to corporate retreats.

Evaluation of public library shared offices and  volunteer spaces.

Development of plans and financials for municipal playgrounds and recreation facilities.

Home office set-up and design, including filing systems and work space sharing.

Employee trainings that are job specific as well as seminars on workplace efficiency, motivation and productivity.