Virtual Organizing Services

organizing memeVirtual Organizing Services stems from my desire to make organizing services more efficient and more affordable for everyone.  The truth is with today’s technology, virtual organizing services can be offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

When you hire a professional organizer, you are paying for their expertise and their time.  With virtual organizing services you really pay for nothing more than their expertise.  Travel, shopping, sorting items, moving furniture, etc. are time-consuming and therefore more expensive.  With virtual organizing you get expert advice and YOU do the hands-on work.

What you really need is an OBJECTIVE EYE!

In every workshop I deliver, in the book I’ve just completed and with every client I have ever met, I use the simple phrase “my objective eye” to help people understand why I am able to see their space, their problem areas or disorganization in a whole new way.   Organizers can be completely objective and make recommendations based on layout, process, timing, efficiency, amount of clutter, etc.  Professional organizers have also seen similar issues in hundreds of homes and offices.

The Benefits!

The most important benefit of hiring a professional organizer (over your best friend, your sister or your neighbor) is experience.   Having worked in the field for decades, we can assure you that we have seen it all.   There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Believe me, every client feels some degree of embarrassment, do not let that stop you from living better.  Within minutes of starting our work, clients realize that they are not alone and seeking professional expertise was the best investment they could make.  Our motto is simple, organization is not about perfection, it is about living better, the only mistake is not to begin!

Other benefits and advantages of virtual organizing services include:

  • You can schedule our virtual meeting at a time that works best for you.
  • You can do the work on your own schedule – no need to block off hours or an entire Saturday.
  • You focus the organization on the area(s) that you choose.
  • Professional expertise for all of your questions, includes product recommendations and more.
  • You only pay for the services you need and you can request more or less time as you progress.

How does it work?

Virtual Organizing allows us to talk to you, view your room, your office, anywhere you are having an issue. Instead of an organizer coming to your home, you show us the issue and we work through the process together.

Contact us with your questions or to schedule an appointment at your convenience. As with all of LB Living Better services, your happiness is our priority and therefore our work is guaranteed.  If you are not happy with your session you will receive your money back.


organize, organizing children organizing childrenI love kids!  I love teaching children to think organizationally and I know that it will benefit them for their entire life.

My background in education as well as many years working as an organizational tutor provide me with extensive insight into what works and what doesn’t work for students both at home and at school.

My work with children involves helping them to learn organizational skills and to assume age appropriate responsibilities.  Organizing bedrooms, play rooms, backpacks and homework spaces provide the foundation for their academic success.  Don’t wait until they are school age to begin training their organizational skills.

With older children I encourage time management skills, particularly for assignments as well as organizing school materials that will enhance their success in school.  Often it is easier to use an intermediary professional to help with expectations and responsibilities then to constantly argue with or nag your children.  Empowering your child to be independent and responsible is one of life’s great struggles and ultimately great joys.  (This I know for sure, as I am raising three teenagers myself.)

Where Do I Start?

Well, if you have scrolled down this far and read this much about virtual organizing than you are definitely a candidate for this service!  Virtual Organizing Services are a new feature for LB Living Better and therefore we are offering them at an Introductory Rate of $99 per session or three sessions for $249.00

Pre-session information and pictures are collected via email.  Sessions last 60 minutes and follow up questions and pictures are encouraged!  Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions!

Done with Virtual Organizing Services!