Thanksgiving is Snoopy and Little Birdie… since 1973

My unconventional Snoopy centerpiece reflects two very important aspects of our family’s Thanksgiving celebration:

One, the stuffed bird is as close as I get to cooking on Thanksgiving!


Little Birdie

And two,  a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a must watch! I have been watching Snoopy fight with that lawn chair and play ping-pong while singing Little Birdie since 1973!


So you can see that my love of Thanksgiving is centered around my ability to sit and watch television while someone else prepares a really good meal.  Go Thanksgiving!

Here is a short list of the other things that make Thanksgiving great, what is on your Thanksgiving tradition list?

Thanksgiving Favorites: 

The Kids Table (even though I am an adult)

A morning road race that erases all guilt from over-indulging for the rest of the day!

 Having homemade Chex mix, green bean casserole, stuffing, and apple pie.

Waiting for the one and only television showing of Snoopy on a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – even though I own the DVD!

What are your Thanksgiving favorites?

Happy Thanksgiving to your Family from mine!

May you hum a few bars of “Little Birdie” throughout your Thanksgiving Day!

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