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Are you seeing RED? I hope so!

My top Five Favorite Thanksgiving Memories! 1. The Kids Table 2. Going to the high school football game 3. Having homemade chex mix, green bean casserole, stuffing, pumpkin bread and apple pie 4. Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade 5. Waiting for the one and only showing of Peanuts Thanksgiving! Would love to hear your top 5! Happy Thanksgiving […]

Top Five Favorite Thanksgiving Memories!

My first job out of college was “working” in the playroom of the Floating Hospital for Infants and Children in Boston.  (And yes, the original hospital was a floating ship in the harbor – picture above.) As a fundraiser for the pediatric and NICU wards, I learned the true meaning of strength, but more importantly […]

The Power of Play!

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**NEW** Virtual Organizing Services

Homework is here, homework is here, let the battles begin!  A few weeks into the school year and any novelty to the fresh new notebooks, pens and pencils has worn off.   It is homework time, day after day, night after night you dig in for a fresh battle with your child.  Here are two tips to aid in […]

Homework Battles ~ two easy tips you can use today!

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As my twin boys embark on their high school careers tomorrow, this Mom’s wish for them is friendship. I stumbled up on this incredible video of friendship between a Labrador and a Dolphin.   An absolutely unlikely pair, from different worlds, with different talents and abilities, different interests and priorities, and yet they are undoubtedly friends.   […]

A Mom’s Wish for High School~ Friendship

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Our recent trip to California brought my family to the famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.  My ipad wielding, digital children snapped picture after picture after selfie of every name they recognized on the sidewalk. Being reared on film, I still possess the old school mentality known as “fear of wasting film” and was subsequently teased […]

One Picture, One Star, Robin Williams