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The graduation with the cap and gown, the stage, the cheering audience, the parties and friends is not happening this year. This sucks! No one should tell you that it doesn't and unfortunately you the class of 2020 is learning one of life's toughest lessons, life is unfair. However, you are also...

Make Your Graduation Happen #mygraduation2020

Every Day In May – How to Play!  Everyone Wins – Really! The rules are simple.  Choose something that you can do Every Day in May that will have you living better.  You can do something new, you can stop doing something old, you can move, eat, read, even think about something Every Day in May!  […]

Every Day in May

My unconventional Snoopy centerpiece reflects two very important aspects of our family’s Thanksgiving celebration: One, the stuffed bird is as close as I get to cooking on Thanksgiving! Little Birdie And two,  a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a must watch! I have been watching Snoopy fight with that lawn chair and play ping-pong while singing Little Birdie […]

Thanksgiving is Snoopy and Little Birdie… since 1973

June 2, 2017 is National Donut Day!   Free donuts are everywhere! Who can compete with FREE DONUTS? Not us,  so here is a sample of the donuts we found on our train trips! Ordering a donut and a coffee today? Why not download a FREE TRAIN TRAVEL BOOK and enjoy two treats at once!  In […]