June 2, 2017 is National Donut Day!   Free donuts are everywhere! Who can compete with FREE DONUTS? Not us,  so here is a sample of the donuts we found on our train trips!

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 In New England, perhaps a stop at Dunkin Donuts is on your list!  Free Donut details here!

photo courtesy of Dunkin Donuts


We had the pleasure of visiting Charlottesville, VA and consuming the most incredible cheeseburger donut from the Donut Connection!


For our West Coast Friends how about a stop at Twisted and Glazed in Paso Robles, CA?  So good! Thanks to our Twisted and Glazed Friends for sharing this interesting piece of donut history!   Did you know donuts were served by the Salvation  Army during  the war? Read more on their Facebook page!

photo courtesy of twisted and glazed facebook post


Two of the three donut shops listed in this post we would never have known about if not for cross-country adventures. Beyond the Rails, USA Cross- Country Train Travel, find out why we think train travel is Raildiggity!   Download your free copy June 1-3, 2017 and get started planning your trip of a lifetime!




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