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Every Day In May – How to Play!  Everyone Wins – Really!

The rules are simple.  Choose something that you can do Every Day in May that will have you living better.  You can do something new, you can stop doing something old, you can move, eat, read, even think about something Every Day in May!  That’s it!  Post your challenge with friends and family!  Honor code rules prevail, if you miss a day you are out!

(For Seinfeld fans, just posting “I’m Out!” will suffice!)

A little History….

Every Day in May was born more than 20 years ago at a table in the faculty room of a middle school.  An attempt for a group of teachers to get more exercise, we vowed to move Every Day in May!  Over the years, we became more and more creative with our Every Day in May Resolutions.  Many of us have played every year for decades.  Every year, every place I have worked and now through social media, Every Day in May lives on.  Join us, it’s fun and you will be living better!

Why it Works?

Two things are at play here:

1) a little healthy peer pressure

2) there are 31 days in May (at least 10 more than the necessary twenty times it takes to build a habit)

The first two weeks are the toughest, but you will be pleasantly surprised how easy your resolution becomes…  Truthfully some years have been great while others, as my kids would say, have been: “an epic fail”.  It’s okay, it was always fun while it lasted.

It’s Fun!

We are months past New Year’s Resolutions and Spring is a perfect time for rejuvenation!  Repost this challenge for your friends and family and get them to join in!  This is also a great office or school classroom activity! Post everyone’s challenge on the break room wall and wait to see who is still left standing at the end of May. Definitely a more the merrier activity.

Here is a sample of past Every Day in May challenges:  (We keep them G rated as kids can play this too!)

  • – eat two servings of vegetables
  • – call a friend or family member
  • – get exercise
  • – stop smoking
  • – perform a random act of kindness
  • – play for an hour with my children
  • – not swear at the copier
  • – be inordinately kind to a stranger
  • – read the Bible
  • – treat myself to coffee, a long walk, meditation
  • – stop my inner critic comments
  • – save money

You get the idea… nothing is too grand, too small, or too insignificant to play!  Living Better… the only mistake is not to begin!

Ready to play?  I would love to hear what you are up to Every Day in May on my Facebook page

or Tweet with #EveryDayinMay2015 and tell us what you are doing or not doing!


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