“Cuppa” Messages

Having a “cuppa” is an Irish expression I learned to love during an extended stay a few years ago.  The question, “Will you have a cuppa?”, whether it was asked by the waitress in the pub or the next door neighbor carried with it a non-negotiable response.  In other words, if you are invited for a cup of tea, then you best sit down and take a sip!

I use this phrase now to capture the messages I write on my cup because what I learned from the Irish “having a cuppa” means so much more than the words.  We sat, we sipped tea, we talked, we laughed, we learned about each other, we garnered a new point of view, we planned, we sympathized, we shared ourselves, we were living better with a cup of tea.

My cup is travelling to the awesome places I get to work, but more importantly it will feature quotes/phrases or the things I’m saying to myself in the hope that sharing these thoughts will help someone else to be living better.  Enjoy.

(To learn more about the Irish tradition of a cuppa read a post from one of my favorite Irish bloggers:  The truth behind a cup of tea.)

The “Cuppa Collection”

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