By Train

Type the words “train travel  in the USA” and you are sure to see the viral post of traveler David Low and his $213 train ride across the United States. What most people fail to do is read his entire post to see that he used  Amtrak’s USA Rail Pass and spent over $400 to […]

Across the USA by Train and BACK and MORE for $459

Amtrak Song! Do you remember the Amtrak song from the eighties?  Hint: It beings with the words, “There’s something about….” Did that help you?  If you got it without help, comment “I got this” below.  If you didn’t get it no worries, click the link, WARNING, it will get stuck in your head for the […]

Do you remember the Amtrak song from the 1980’s?

Enjoy my radio interview today with Dan and Stephanie from WCOD Cape Cod. Too much fun so early in the morning. Video from our four trips and the pictures are just a sample of what is in the book!  Click here for  your FREE digital copy (available through June 5th, 2017).   Today is the last […]

Enjoy our Radio Interview and Last Day for FREE Digital Download!

It’s hard to believe that a little more than two years ago, I had never been on a train in the United States.  Now we have more than 15,000 miles under our belts and we are planning our fourth trip.  It will be our first winter trip and as always I would love to hear […]

Planning Train Trip #4 and Reminiscing About What Can Go Wrong!

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March 21st is the Inaugural book talk for my new, yet to be published book, Beyond the Rails~ USA Cross Country Train Travel. Free and open to the public, please join us at the beautiful Daniel Webster Inn for fun and conversation.  Leave inspired to plan a trip of a lifetime! Bring your questions!

March 21st Inaugural Book Talk in Sandwich!

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Our recent trip to California brought my family to the famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.  My ipad wielding, digital children snapped picture after picture after selfie of every name they recognized on the sidewalk. Being reared on film, I still possess the old school mentality known as “fear of wasting film” and was subsequently teased […]

One Picture, One Star, Robin Williams