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Our recent trip to California brought my family to the famous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.  My ipad wielding, digital children snapped picture after picture after selfie of every name they recognized on the sidewalk. Being reared on film, I still possess the old school mentality known as “fear of wasting film” and was subsequently teased […]

One Picture, One Star, Robin Williams

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I wish I could say it was a great epiphany or the culmination of the study of great parenting journals that helped me arrive at the decision to go screen-free for the summer.  No, it was nothing like that at all, it was an honest to goodness, full-blown, hissy fit. One of those not to be proud of parenting […]

The Truth about “Going Screen Free” for the Summer!

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“You better take a jacket, it might rain.” “What about the permission slips?” “Did you pack your cleats?” “Hurry, the bus is coming!” “Do you have your music for band?” “Do you need money today?” “Where is the lunch I made?” Some version of these questions is fired out in rapid succession by every mom, […]

Teach Planning this Summer ~ Living Better with Organized Children!