Buying the Grinch a Muffin Part II the Sequel

Yes, there is a sequel a more important, funny, Christmas spirited sequel to the Buying the Grinch a Muffin story.  If you haven’t read part one than stop reading this, it won’t make any sense, in fact, if you are not a believer it may not make any sense at all. Read the original post here: The Last Thing I Did was Buy the Grinch Some Muffins  ……. go ahead, we’ll wait, it’s worth it I promise!



The Mother I needed in this story, Anne, is for lack of a better word, a Mom friend.  A woman I met over 15 years ago at the gym and someone with whom I share a quick hello at the grocery store and a “how are the kids” as we pass in the school hallway.  For Anne to notice my distress in the Stop & Shop parking lot and to come over and offer help is a giant reflection of who she is and the intuition of a Mom.

Basking in the relief of finding the wallet, I decided to write the Buying the Grinch a Muffin blog post all the while thinking, this is stupid, no one will get it, and the three people who actually read your blog are a little bit busy this time of year.  Nevertheless, the story poured out, easily I must say.  I found Anne on Facebook, thanked her profusely again for her help, and sent her a link to the post.

Many hours later Anne messaged me, “Lisa, question, Is the Grinch a large man?”

I responded, “Yes ???????”

Anne: “Karma and the amazing circle of goodness. He’s my neighbor and has been Very Good to me…..this is truly magical.”

We continue to chat via Facebook and discover that yes indeed this is the same man, “very Grinchy appearing but with a heart of gold.”  Not only did she know my Grinch, but she had also just purchased his Christmas gift and was putting it in her car when she noticed a distraught me.

I had been struggling with Christmas spirit this year something I am frankly not used to.  I have never bought anyone’s groceries that I can recall, yet I am always moved by the stories of large tips for waitresses and buying coffee for the car behind you in the drive thru lane.
Buying the muffins came to me in a weird, go for it, keep being yourself, trust your instincts kind of way. To be honest it felt a little awkward when it appeared I may have insulted my Grinchy recipient.  The smiles from the people around me and the “Good Job” from the clearly excited woman in line made me think it went okay.
Losing my wallet was very nearly the straw that broke this camels back however the truth is it will be the best Christmas present I receive this year. When I found the wallet, I smiled and thought “it’s green like the Grinch, thank you, message received”.

I learned the muffins were for his wife, but more importantly I learned that my struggle to find some Christmas spirit this year put the Grinch right in my path.  A large, elderly, man dressed in a green hat and oversized Grinch pajama bottoms is my hero this Christmas, “When I saw him I laughed and thought I hope I age into the type of person who will go out dressed like this!”

Have a truly Merry Christmas… it’s there, but it may take the Grinch to help you find it!


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