Best Pumpkin Story Ever…

Raising twins boys has its joys and challenges.  In my case, my twins are as polar opposite as you can get.  I have stated many times that they “split up the genes in the womb”.  You take outspoken, and I will take pensive, you take natural athleticism, and I’ll take analytical genius, you get the picture.   By three years old, I was parenting two very distinct personalities in my young boys ~ Twin A a.k.a. “Clinger” and Twin B a.k.a. “Runner”.  Clinger would not leave my side without a meltdown of epic proportions, while Runner looked for every opportunity to bolt.  So, on the occasion of the preschool field trip to the farm, you had better believe that their mother would be there to chaperone.  
The field trip took place on a beautiful sunny day at an apple orchard and farm not too far from our house.  After picking their own apples, and examining the many different kinds of gords, we headed to the highlight of the trip, the pumpkin patch. The farmer brought us up to a large field with row after row of pumpkins.  After explaining how the pumpkins grew, he then released the kids to the patch to pick a pumpkin to bring home. 
Clinger didn’t move, he held tight to my pant leg as the rest of his class moved into the patch.  Runner, on the other hand, started down one of the aisles, moving quickly and with a fierce determination.  As he ran down the row, Runner began picking up pumpkins and putting them down (okay, dropping them, not “putting them down”).  To my horror, he started to move faster and faster, grabbing pumpkins, looking at them and dropping them.  “Runner!”, “Runner!”, I yelled, but he was oblivious and the more pumpkins he grabbed the more upset he became. 
Limping down the row with Clinger clutched firmly on my leg, I tried to catch up with my son.  By the time I grabbed the back of his little overalls and turned him around, I could see that he was distraught.  “Wait, what are you doing, why are you dropping all of these pumpkins?”, I yelled, probably a bit too loud since I was out of breath from chasing him.  Runner turned, looked up at me and yelled right back, “I AM LOOKING FOR ONE WITH A FACE ON IT!”

                                Happy Halloween!

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    1. Thank you! Honestly I think “opposite” twins are a bit easier. My good friend has identical twins and I really hate not being able to tell who is who… I have to wait until they say or do something! 🙂

      1. … I see your point…and I guess it’s better than having two runners…lol Yes~ telling the apart is another whole story! 🙂

  1. hahaha! My daughter is four and she asked me last week, “Why can’t we find any jack-o-lanterns in the pumpkin patch??”

  2. Hysterical!! I love it! I also have a clinger and a runner, though not consistently. They are three years apart and they usually take turns with wanting to be held and wanting to run. Of course, there are times they run in different directions and times when they both want to be held!

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