“You do you, Mom”

“You do you, Mom.”  I’ve grown to love this snarky little comment my teenager drops every time I’m doing, saying or being something that is either inherently embarrassing, ridiculous or just a giant waste of time in my child’s mind.

She says it with a smirk that suggests she knows me well enough to know that I am most likely going to carry on with my grand announcement whether it is to add hot sauce to the new dish in the crock pot or my latest pipe dream to buy a fixer upper in Ireland.you do you

The reality is I honestly like the phrase. “You do you, Mom” has enough sass and provokes enough of my defiant side to produce results.  I will do me, thank you very much and as a matter of fact I will do it quite well.

You are the only one who can do you. We know this profound tidbit of advice, but do we really use it? I realize that I don’t always “do me” that well.  Sometimes I crash right into my own insecurities and put together what I think others will like, will accept, will deem professional, appropriate and the list goes on…

This brings me to the story of my media kit and the “you do you, Mom” comment of the day.  Since I wasn’t quite sure what a media kit entails, I spent some money on templates/instructions and for the most part I think they do the trick.

However, when I started to read over the important essentials like you would find on my resume or on your college application, my mind wandered and I became well, bored.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe I am boring but my credentials are simply facts that kind of miss the boat of who I am.

“You do you, Mom”, she said, as I explained why I was taking a picture of a picture in my college yearbook. “Did you know” I said, “one of the few pictures of me in my college yearbook is me riding on a camel?”  I’m going to add this to the media kit on my website.

So, in addition to the formal credentials I added at the top of the page a list:

The more important things to know about me are (in no particular order):

I love my family and most importantly my kids…they are the reason I am living better… always.

In the world of cats and dogs ~ I choose dog every time!

I am a sucker for a flash mob, touching videos, hallmark commercials and great inspirational quotes.

I am an avid, aging, athlete however I still love everything about sports.

I am happiest when I am busy and juggling many things.

I am a DIY home improvement enthusiast and wannabe gardener.

I despise just about everything to do with cooking, I hate when people eat all of my hard work.

My sense of humor is my best attribute and I especially love to laugh so hard I cry.  (Practical jokes are my forte!)

I love writing and I actually really enjoy public speaking. (Writing a book is  much harder than I anticipated!)

I LOVE to travel … around the world and down the street!  Stay tuned for my new book on train travel!

If I had a life motto, it would probably be “We can do this!”

In my college yearbook there is a picture of me riding a camel.

I love to meet people through my work, writing, website, and social media… so, Hello!


If life has taught me anything, it is this, if you are doing you, you are quite possible doing alright. No one can be a better you than you.

In case you are doing you for a resume, check out this article from Forbes particularly the part about listing your personal interests.

Forbes Six Secrets of Great Resumes

What is the best picture of you in your college yearbook?

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