Adventure – Mall Runners

Today’s rainy, snowy, morning in New England reminds of one of my favorite “adventures” with toddlers!  The Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, MA opens its doors early for walkers and in my case runners of all types.  I would pack my crew of twin toddlers and a three year old and head out for a mall adventure on many winter days.  Here is the short list of why this makes for a great adventure:

Kiddie Cons ~ Coolest Shoes Ever



1) It’s free!

2) The mall is warm, large and with the stores closed it makes great runways for little feet – tons of exercise! (Do watch out for fountains.)

3) There are often many objects in the form of massage chairs, benches, mini-carousels (no need to turn them on) for climbing.

4) Window shopping toddler style offers many opportunities for playing “I Spy”.

5) Does your mall have a pet store or fish tank – just like a trip to the zoo or the aquarium.

6) Although the mall’s main stores are closed, coffee shops are open – a treat for Mom!

7) Smooth floors are stroller friendly and a great workout for parents too!

8) Meet your friends or make some new ones. Most of the elderly walkers love to ooh, ahh and talk to your kiddos!


Pack a snack or lunch and with all this exercise they are ready for a nap when you get home!  Your welcome!

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