10 Things To Do After the Holidays Have Ended

A list for real people with no extra time on their hands…

Apparently the day after Christmas is a light news day, who knew? The news does however have dozens of ridiculous suggestions for putting away Christmas and getting ready for the new year.

Grab your scissors to cut out the pictures on old candy cane boxes to make gift cards for next year! Oh but wait, don’t throw out your Christmas cards, glue them together and cut into paper puzzles.” I just can’t…

So here is a quick list of 10 things to do after the holidays have ended for those of us who don’t have too much time on our hands, who are looking to save some money and are perhaps trying to get a bit more organized.

10 Things To Do

  1. GIFT CARDS – Millions of dollars per year are lost on unused gift cards. Register the card if you can or spend it right away. Definitely put them where you are most likely to use them, near your menus, taped to your computer, in your wallet, etc…
  2. BUY FOR NEXT YEAR – Large retailers will mark down holiday items starting the day after Christmas and continue for the next week. Some discounts reaching 90% off regular retail. Think wrapping paper, cards, bags, ribbons etc…
  3. REMOVE – For every new thing you bring in whether it is clothes or toys or more, consider donating two items to your favorite charity or Buy Nothing Group a hands down favorite in my town!
  4. TOY ROTATION – One of my favorite year round tactics for kids. Children can be completely overwhelmed by all the holiday toys. Put out a few and stash the rest for later this month/year or our next quarantine!
  5. FREEZER – Too many goodies, too much sugar. Have a sugar hangover? Most sweet treats freeze really well. Wrap it up and stash it in the freezer!
  6. THANK YOU NOTES – So this is a debatable one however my take is this. If you are with the person when you receive the gift and thank them in person you are all set, I think this counts if you open them virtually as well! If you received a gift without the person seeing you, then a thank you of some kind is warranted (at the very least to let them know that you received their kind gesture).
  7. TRANSITION TO ONE ROOM – Start moving all the decorations and holiday paraphernalia to one room or one area of the house. Wash and dry the linens, wrap the fragile pieces and box everything from there. This way you don’t find the random holiday towel or mug when everything else is stored away.
  8. CONTAIN and LABEL – Help yourself for next year by writing on the box, or sticking on a label with the gist of what is in there. “Holiday dishes”, “lights for front yard” etc..
  9. STORE AWAY! – Store in an out of the way place in the very back of a closet, attic or basement. You really don’t need this stuff for another year so make sure you store it that way.
  10. I really only had nine suggestions for this list but the title doesn’t work well when you say nine things to do after the holidays. So, for the 10th suggestion, I am adding a link to my 2021 SUMMER BUCKET LIST. Normally a summer favorite, I can’t help but make a new list for the new year. Happy 2021!

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